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Nezwick Jive @ Modern Jive Surrey

LeRoc Modern Jive
 is a fun dance suitable for most people regardless of age. With Nezwick Jive at  Modern Jive Surrey you will have the opportunity to learn Modern Jive in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. After only a few lessons you will be able to impress your friends on the dance floor!

We have also added a bonus class where we will teach Modern Line Dancing/Strolls, a great way to social dance without the need to touch!

What is LeRoc Modern Jive?
LeRoc is French for "rock'n'roll". This stylish dance was brought to England in the early 1980s. Throughout the years, it has developed a unique and versatile style, incorporating Latin dances, Salsa, Tango and Hip-hop variations to the original moves.

A typical night with Nezwick Jive @ Modern Jive Surrey:
At a Modern Jive Surrey evening you will be able to meet people, make new friends, have fun and keep fit, all at the same time! After the lessons, there is a "freestyle" session, which means that the rest of the evening is left for you to practise what you have learned in a party atmosphere. LeRoc is so flexible rhythmically that you can dance it to virtually any music, from Swing through Rock'n'Roll, Disco, 80's music and right up to your current chart favourites. Music will also be played for Modern Line Dancing.
Modern Jive is easy to learn and fun to dance as the footwork is kept to a minimum! In your very first lesson you will learn four moves put together into a routine that can be danced in a loop. Therefore, you can start enjoying the dance straightaway. The way we teach the dance ensures that you quickly feel confident in freestyle.

What shall I wear?
The dress code is whatever you feel comfortable in that will not restrict your moves. Avoid rubber soled shoes such as trainers, as these tend to stick to the floor making it difficult to spin or glide. Dancing LeRoc or Strolls may make you hot, so consider something cool, layers and consider a change of top.
Finally, there is no need to come with a partner. Our evening will kick off with modern line dancing/strolls where everyone dances together in a line(s). For our LeRoc class, you will have the option to rotate partners throughout the class. This rotation of partners is a great way to meet lots of people and will actually make you improve your dancing.


All Your Teachers at Modern Jive Surrey have qualified with the LeRoc Federation and members of UKA Dance


Your regular teachers are Michele Inez and Kevan Wicks which is where "Nezwick" originates from!

Michele Inez

"I was dancing as soon as I could walk according to my mother, and I can't remember a time I wasn't moved by a whole range of music to dance. I remember being enthralled watching partner dancing in old musical movies but like most people, I never had the opportunity to formally learn to dance and my own repertoire was limited to dancing solo.

At the age of forty I discovered Modern Jive and learned to partner dance for the first time. As well as loving the dance itself, it introduced me to a whole new social scene as couples
are not fixed and it's a great way to make new friends.

My teaching style is fun, relaxed and focused on building client confidence. I love to see the joy that dance brings into people's lives."

Kevan Wicks

"I started my interest in dancing as a spectator dad, ferrying 2 of my children to dance competitions across the country for many years when they were young, including several trips to the Blackpool Tower. In the early noughties I decided it was time to discover my own dancing feet. I started with Salsa, then other Latin & Ballroom dances trying to find my feet (so to speak). Although enjoyable, I felt something was missing.  A friend suggested Modern Jive as it incorporates a mixture of the previous moves, danced to a wide genre of music. I tried it and loved the freedom of expression and musical flexibility. Finally, I had found my very own dancing feet! In addition to Modern Jive, I also enjoy incorporating a little Swing and Rock n Roll to my repertoire of jive moves.

My teaching style is friendly, patient & client focused. I really enjoy seeing complete novices improve, grow in confidence and find their own style." 

Michele and Kevan provide private lessons to individuals and couples in their South London home. Alternatively, the can teach at the client’s home providing there is suitable floor space


Former Modern Jive Surrey Owner and Guest Teacher - Christelle Fournès
Christelle has been dancing for 22 years. She started with Latin, Ballroom & Jive back in France in 1993. When she arrived in England in 1996, she joined a Modern Jive class and immediately loved it! After taxiing and demoing for several years, she decided to take the UKA LeRoc exam and opened her first venue in September 2008. Throughout the years Christelle has tried most dances including Salsa, hip hop and West Coast but her heart is with Modern Jive! Christelle has choreographed and performed several show cases, she is a very stylish dancer and a confident teacher. She is passionate about dancing and her lessons are always challenging and fun!

Former Modern Jive Surrey Owner and Guest Teacher -Thierry Gauthier
Thierry started learning Latin, Ballroom and Jive in France in the 1990's and has never stopped dancing since. When he moved to London in 1996, he joined a Modern Jive class and was hooked straight away! Having gained experience while taxiing and demoing for several years, Thierry took the UKA LeRoc exam in March 2009 and opened his first venue shortly after.
Dancing is Thierry's passion and he also loves to choreograph and perform Cabarets. With his experience in a wide variety of dances, which he incorporates to Modern Jive, his classes often have a "twist". Thierry is a fantastic dancer and a dedicated teacher. He is lively and funny and always teaches funky footwork!




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