First Wedding Dance

Opening the ball on your wedding night is a daunting task for many people. However, guests are always pleased to watch the newlyweds dance to a song that is special to them.

With Nezwick Jive @ Modern Jive Surrey, we can help you choreograph your first dance and boost your confidence so you can actually enjoy your First Dance in front of your guests
on that special night.

Typically it takes from six to ten lessons depending on the complexity you wish to achieve.

Venues: Private lessons are taught in various venues or in the comfort of your own home as long as you have sufficient space and adequate flooring (no carpets!!)

Prices: £35/hour.
Special offer: buy 5 and get your 6th lesson FREE! (you pay £175 instead of £210).

Sheree & Mel -married Summer 2021

"... we were particularly nervous about our First Dance. We wanted it to reflect our personalities. Michele and Kevan worked with us to give us the confidence we needed to create our perfect dance. During the process we have fallen in love with dancing. and its's amazing connection, so we have signed up for their classes and cannot wait to start learning new dances.
I would highly recommend these 2 teachers. They were patient, managed both our capabilities and were just brilliant! Thank you both so much."




Email or call us on 0781 623 1960 to discuss your requirements.